Nagasaki bus hijacking incident and news footage at the time



“Nagasaki bus hijacking incident” … It is often featured in special news programs and documentaries as the first bus hijacking incident in Japan. I like buses, so I was looking for photos and videos to find out the outline of this incident. If anything, I was more interested in the television footage of this incident than the culprit and its purpose.


Case summary


You can learn more about the incident from wikipedia, articles and videos from the time, but two criminals claiming to be members of the Red Army took passengers on the bus hostage. It was meant to be rescued. The long confinement and the negotiations with the criminals and the police are vivid even now. It occurred in the morning, and the bus rushed in late at night, and then the next morning, and the battle lasted for more than 15 hours. The footage from the TV station, which interrupted the broadcast program and relayed it, was much more powerful than what you see in dramas and movies, such as gunfights and forced entry into the bus.


Images mixed with VTR and film

When I look at the footage of the incident at that time, I see a mixture of “modern images like those seen on live broadcasts” and “old-fashioned images” like those from the past, and the texture of the two is quite different. Therefore, when I was a child, I wondered why the quality of the images was not standardized. I found out later that he was. In the case of news coverage, I wonder if the ratio was film>VTR.



The above video is a compilation of footage from three Nagasaki TV stations (NHK Nagasaki Broadcasting Station, NBC Nagasaki Broadcasting, and KTN Television Nagasaki) at the time of the attack. And I think that it is easy to understand because the film image is reflected respectively. And with the second KTN, the situation is vividly reflected in the VTR’s beautiful images taken from the back of the bus. The third NHK is a full-length film image, and the screen is dark overall, and the atmosphere of historical images is conveyed rather than live broadcasting at that time.


Nagasaki bus hijacking incident seen on the video site

In addition to the Nico Nico Douga video I mentioned earlier, there are many videos of the busjacking incident on Youtube. From special news programs and brief introductions in the history of the news, to recently aired programs, in addition to footage from the time, there are detailed reenactment dramas and interviews with police officials and bus passengers involved in the incident. increase.


Excerpt from news history, NHK footage, all film footage


“Yomiuri News” Uses footage from the news program of the time as it was from KTN


The vehicle of the bus jack existed


The vehicle that was attacked by the bus hijacking incident was Mitsubishi Fuso MP517M F623, which was operated by Saihi Bus. After retiring in 1995, he spent the rest of his life quietly in the mountains. Recently, it was taken up as an abandoned bus on Twitter, and was then reported nationwide by Tokyo Sports.

It seems that the owner and related parties of the bus were currently trying to covertly work to move the vehicle that had been scrapped for preservation purposes. However, there was a person who leaked this information to East Sports, so it seems that there are concerns about vandalism to the bus and coming to see this bus without consideration for neighboring residents and related parties. I also want to see that this bus is left in a proper shape.


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