Summary of Apple’s new product announcements in the spring of 2022, such as Mac Studio / iPhone SE3 / iPad Air5



An Apple event will be held on March 9, 2022, where we will introduce what was expected and what was actually announced. I would like to express my own thoughts while watching what has been said for a long time, what was said just before, the expected leaker and the gadget youtuber that introduces it. I’m an old Mac and iOS product user, so I’m thinking that I want a new one, but it’s hard to find something that I’m satisfied with, and I’m thinking about budgetary reasons. I’m looking forward to trends such as Youtuber posting videos.


iPhone SE3


This was announced on every site and every Youtube video as expected. Personally, I was disappointed that it was almost the same as the iPhone SE2 mentioned above and that the price was raised a little. Of course, it’s only been about two years since it first appeared, and I also wanted an earphone jack if I had a home button and Touch ID. But I wonder if it can be helped if the housings of all models are reused.

Before the expectation that it would be the same as SE2 was settled, there was talk of using the XS chassis and the release of the enhanced version of SE Plus, but it’s a proper update. That’s why I didn’t find it very attractive. I would like to talk about what I was thinking about SE and the next SE4 in another section.


iPad Air5


This is a normal and proper update, and it has regained the loss in terms of performance to the iPad mini released last year, and it is equipped with an M1 chip to gain an advantage by the new one. The performance is closer to that of the iPad Pro, but I’m wondering which one to choose. Compared to iPhone and Mac, iPad-related products have a full display with no notch, and the connection terminal is also a legitimate evolution such as USB-C.


Mac StudioとStudio Display


This was leaked just before the event, and it was said that it would appear as a higher version of the Mac mini, but it came out with performance that surpasses the current Mac pro. At the rumor level, it was said that M2 Mac products would be released, but in reality, “M1 Ultora” was the correct answer. I thought that this was the “release of the highest peak” that was sung in the event image as if it was equipped with two M1 Max machines.

Also, a display for the general public has been released for a long time in line with Mac Studio. Is it since Thunderbolt Display? This is also expensive, but it’s a long-awaited feeling for those who want something with Apple’s original design.

Other new colors have appeared in the iPhone 13 series, but this new product was less than I expected.

In the streets, it was said that Macbook Pro 13 inch, Macbook Air, iMac 27 inch version, Mac Mini equipped with M2 chip will be released, but it seems that the leaker is not so hit.

It’s hard to complete the Mac lineup with Apple Sillicon, and I think it’s been pulled all the time, especially for those who are waiting for the higher version of the iMac.

Personally, I was looking forward to the update of the 13-inch model of the Macbook Pro, but I think it can’t be helped because there are 14 and 16-inch models originally. Besides, the impression changes with or without the extra “notch” or “touch bar”. For me, recent Apple designs are often lost. I wonder if there is no choice but to use the active 2011 late.